Today I was at Volunteer Victoria meeting with my co-facilitators for the upcoming Leading Volunteers: Foundations in Volunteer Management course. This is the blended model course that I was lucky to be able to develop in 2012 that has become even better over time. This year I’m co-facilitating with Leanna Hill and Lornna Olson and we’re really looking forward to learning alongside another great group of people involved in managing volunteers.

For those of you who know me as an instructional designer, you may be surprised that I wear this other “hat” of teaching volunteer management. But actually I’ve been in the field of volunteer management concurrently with my education work since around 2002 when I started working for the Region of Waterloo and part of my responsibilities involved managing their volunteer program. I do carry with me a love for the field of volunteer management and the “community benefit” (aka non-profit) sector in general, and I’m so happy that I can still be a part of them in ways like these…facilitating workshops and courses on the topic of volunteer management and supporting our professional association on the board of directors.

I’m proud to say that our facilitated course in volunteer management has evoked the following comment from our participants: “I never thought online learning could be like this!” (Oh, heart swells!) When we hear that statement the person usually means that they thought learning online would be one of the following: a) boring, b) solitary, c) easy or d) non-engaging. I’m happy to say we’ve far exceeded those sad expectations, our course is none of those things. 🙂

Won’t you join us in the course? Or pass along this opportunity to someone you know? There are still a few seats left.


Also, have I mentioned here lately that you can also find me on Facebook? I love to curate valuable content several times weekly related to both education and the nonprofit worlds over there on my FB page. Come join me.

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