Over the weekend I participated in Power of Hope’s Creative Facilitation workshop. It was divided into three sessions: two hours on Friday night, a full day on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been reading Lynda Barry’s Syllabus book – which has been very inspiring – so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do some sketchnoting in my journal. I’ve included three photos it here to try to tell the story of what I experienced in the workshop.

To recap the first session, I pulled out watercolour paints. I’ve never painted in my journal before. I’m not in love with how it turned out (I think a black marker instead of pen would have made it come more alive) but it was fun to try and practice:

Sketchnotes of Day 1

To recap Saturday’s session I turned back to a medium I was more comfortable with – markers. This brought me back to a look and feel that is more my style. (And you can see I added in some of Barry’s spirals – although they are not nearly as tightly packed as hers.):

Sketchnotes of Day 2

And I stayed with that same technique to recap the third session on Sunday afternoon:

Sketchnotes of Day 3

I’m curious what, if anything, you might take away from seeing these sketchnotes. Is it just a jumbled mess or do you see any important concepts emerging?

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