Design Tips for Virtual Sessions (digital download)


12 page PDF

While we’ve made great shifts as a global community, working together online over the past couple of years, as facilitators of learning we need to remember to keep grounding ourselves in what effective participant engagement looks like in any mode. In this resource, discover foundational learning design best practices you can use to create effective and successful virtual learning events. These are strategies you’ll be able to depend on for virtual or in person facilitation.

The road to designing a virtual session from scratch (or converting a workshop from in person to online, for that matter) isn’t always straightforward for the uninitiated, but it’s perhaps not as complicated as you think. Sure, you have to acquire and figure out the technology (and practice, practice, practice!), but the basic principles of good learning design hold true no matter whether you’re creating sessions for in person or the virtual sphere.

This resource gives you tips and strategies to stay grounded in what designing effective learning looks like in the virtual mode. You’ll learn how to centre yourself in your values and beliefs about effective learning and keep participants at the heart of your design process. You’ll discover how to plan outcomes-based, active learning-centred sessions that are focused on supporting participant knowledge and behaviour change. Lastly, you’ll glean more than 30 simple activity ideas to keep people engaged and participating in your virtual sessions.

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