I’ve got a few things going on these days and I’m pretty excited about them.

Do you ever feel that way? You get all jazzed up on an idea, a project, a hobby. All of a sudden you can’t get enough of it. You need to read all about it, talk to people about it, research everything you can.

You might laugh, but I actually felt that way about knitting a few years ago when I learned how to do it. I took a knitting course through the Monterey Centre in Victoria and loved it! As a “leftie”, I hadn’t really taken to knitting growing up when my mom tried to teach me. It just never really stuck. But as an adult I learned that there are two ways to knit, and found the Continental style was much easier for me – literally – to grasp.

When that happened, all of a sudden I wanted to immerse myself in everything knitting. I LOVED it. I was reading knitting blogs and knitting fiction and of course, knitting as much as I could. It was a short obsession that turned into a lifelong skill, although I admittedly don’t make as much time to knit these days as I used to.

Here’s why (in part) … lately, I’ve been spending time making plans and investigating new directions to take my business. You’ll notice I’m starting to make tweaks to my website to include the topics of event management and volunteer management (not new knowledge areas for me but just new to the website!) and behind the scenes I’m doing tons of research into the art of graphic facilitation. I’m taking an intensive course in “interactive-visuals” in May and I absolutely can’t wait. To me, integrating art with facilitation just feels right. Like knitting, I hope it will be another way to flex my creativity. I think it will also take my facilitation skills to whole new levels.

If I still feel this way after the course you better believe you’re going to hear about it! I’m in discovery mode, finding my way, taking chances and working HARD. Add on to this the 24-hour, seven session course I’m teaching on the “Fundamentals of Event and Conference Management” (registration is still open!) at Camosun College at the end of this month, and life is busy. But I love it!

And besides all that, it’s finally starting to feel like spring.

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