I’ve been working on a few little tweaks for my website this past week. For one, I’ve always meant to have a custom banner image created and I’m finally getting around to making it happen. I’m working with my fabulous graphic designer who is creating a special look based on my logo, and I can’t wait to reveal it when it’s ready!

Along with the banner update, I’m working on updating my business photos. I still love the one on my front page but truthfully that’s my 2011 self (the year I started my business!) and it’s time for a refresh. It’s amazing how many hairstyles I’ve gone through in the past 3.5 years but somehow I’m back to something similar to what I had then. (Yep, I’ve never really looked good with long hair so I’m sticking with what works.)

To accomplish the headshot task, I met the lovely Heather of Harbour Photography yesterday at St. Ann’s Academy. It was a reunion of sorts since we had taken my original headshots there almost four years ago. (We’ve used her for family photos a couple of times since then too.) Heather is a great photographer and a super person, working with her is a dream. She tries lots of ideas, and we always get laughing about stuff as we work. And to all the passers-by that walked through St. Ann’s yesterday as we were doing our photo shoot, yes I was the “model” that you saw smiling and posing like crazy all over the grounds!

Before the shoot I did a mad dash around town to find something to wear that would match my logo and website colours. It’s very unlike me to not plan something in advance like that, and so I was stressfully shopping, matching potential clothes items to my business card as I walked around each store! The lovely staff at Melanie Lyne tried to help (they are very good at what they do there) and I got kudos from the salesperson for being a business woman and having it all together! I couldn’t find anything I liked there but later at Plain Jane downtown I found a winner and received great service (and a discount!) from the saleswoman. Somehow it all pulled together and I hope it appears that way when you see the final product.

I’m constantly amazed by how much of running a business is doing work that doesn’t directly bring in any money but is just about management pieces, administrative tasks, social media and website work, networking and the like. But it was definitely a great break to get away from my desk and wander around a beautiful site and gardens for some time on a sunny afternoon – a nice job to have!

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